вторник, 15 мая 2012 г.


Взгляните что сегодня продается на е-бай. Притом часть из них уже начато шить. Явно кому-то терпение лопнуло.
Look what I found today on ebay. In addition some items for sale are already in process. Somebody's patience have expired if selling such beauties.
Jim Wurth Pink Champagne
Jim Wurth Baroness Edie
Jim Wurth Study in Gold and Silver
Jean Hilton Scott Lee
Jean Hilton Tunberry ridge
Jean Hilton Chelsey Cross
Jean Hilton Gleneagle
Loretta Spears Bargelo Fantasy
Susan Portra Spirit of SouthWest

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Beth комментирует...

Unfortunately, it's an estate sale because the stitcher passed away. They had excellent taste. Did you know you can buy Jim Wurth's kits?

STS комментирует...

Да, коллекция чудесная! Как жаль, что владелица не успела вышить все что планировала...

NCPat комментирует...

And, you can get Jean Hilton patterns from Stitches from the heart.

PoniaDvi комментирует...

Pity the lady could not finish all her plans. So sad to loose such beauty...

Yes, we know this (both about Jim Wurth kits and Jean Hilton charts). However ebay prices in some cases are lower or some more rare charts from the previous teaching lessons appear so it is worth to search here from time to time and give opportunity for others to participate in bids as well.

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